Recircula Solutions

A newborn company that provides innovative solutions to help Smart cities to recycle.

Waste Managers need an innovative tech to comply with new European Legislation. Recircula Solutions is a newborn company that provides innovative solutions with up to date technology to help to improve the recycling and waste management flow in Spain. 

The device that Recircula Solutions has developed can be adapted to any particular needs, with a clear expansion plan for the rest of the EU. The company needed a redesign that help transmiting this clear professional message to all potential investors and partners.

Challenge & Outcome of RecySmart project - by metakitrina.fun
The Circular Concept
Recircula Solutions Concept for the Brand by Metakitrina
The need of a re-branding

The brand was created in 2016 by a group of friends filled with passion to create a new way to treat plastic waste in our country. The first logo tried to communicate the cicle of the waste and how to improve it into the circular economy.

Re-Branding was a necessary step that consolidated the company goal and helped to professionalize the message. Achieving more visibility in the sector and waking up more interest in the Waste Managers community.

The project was presented in the 4YFN - Mobile World Congress (BCN ‘19) getting various investment rounds, making possible to expand the tests to several Spanish cities.

Recircula Solutions logo, before and after rebranding by Metakitrina
Recircula Solution features

The implementation of ReCircula technology not only achieves substantial increases in the rates of recycling of materials, but also increases its quality thanks to the better separation at source allowing the implementation of the Circular Economy.