RecySmart APP

Engages users to take better care of our planet and save up money when recycling correctly.

A recycling APP that engages users to take better care of our planet and save up money when recycling correctly. “You would never think that your trash can make you earn money.” 

This APP is part of one of Recircula Solutions projects. With the use of IOT they can control the volume waste thrown into the trash containers, and with the help of this APP, teach and reward the citizens that joined the RecySmart community!

Challenge & Outcome of RecySmart project - by metakitrina.fun
RecySmart APP store by Metakitrina
RecySmart device in one of our containers
The Golden egg

RecySmart is an easy-to-implement waste container device that interacts with citizens and provides feedback on recycling habits thanks to the identification of “who” and “what” is being recycled, allowing to implement user-rewarding mechanisms. 

It aims to increase packaging recovery rates by 15% in countries where deposit systems are not implemented (e.g. Spain €103.3M year) and aims to become a preferred option over reverse vending, especially for smaller shops in countries where deposit systems are obligatory, thus complying with EU legislation.

The Concept

Nowadays Recycling is no longer optional, it's a Smart decision to make our future possible. That's why RecySmart it's build from this two basic concepts, transforming the recycling habits into something fun and beneficial.

RecySmart Concept for the brand creation by Metakitrina
Creating a System

With a clear Style Guide with an enriched iconography, RecySmart offers a friendly and engaging experience to all the users. 

A strong Marketing campaign did in collaboration with the Smart Cities that participate in the RecySmart project, the citizens find an easy way to connect their phones with the recycling devices installed in the trash containers, and start earning points seconds after downloading the app.

RecySmart logo design
RecySmart Brand colors by Metakitrina
RecySmart Font and Icons for the brand book by Metakitrina
How might we introduce a new way of recycling to the citizens?

I prepared a clear interviewing guide in order to conduct several usability testing sessions. This test had to be “guerrilla-testing” due to the nature of the project, starting from a raw idea and growing step by step with the time.

In this tests we discovered that the APP was clear and easy to use, but the concrete recycling process, with the device connectivity from the users smartphones was a bit complex and needed some improvements.

Interview guide for RecySmart testing by Metakitrina

To solve this challenge, we created an on-boarding plan, with “Ambient Educators” that will help the users on the first time recycling.

RecySmart it’s not only key for citizens.
It’s the perfect IOT device for waste managers to get contracts and comply with the EU Legislation! 

A centralized BackOffice, for all our Key Players

Our technology is set to allow Waste Managers to be more competitive and environmentally sustainable, boosting circular economy and reducing pollution. We aim to digitalise the waste cycle, giving the tools to city authorities and waste management companies to engage the citizen into a new active role thanks to the use of incentives. Recircula is addressing the challenges, needs and opportunities for improving the global environmental problems with special focus on the plastic crisis.

This Back-office,  manages the key aspects of the system: citizen recognition, package identification, waste collection, container filling volume, location, and, ultimately, report generation. Moreover, the platform is able to create statistical models and real forecasts thanks to the compiled information and the benefits of big data. All this Business Intelligence is on the service of clients, allowing to create a user-reward mechanism boosting recycling rates and contributing to optimise the waste collection system, increasing security and transparency. 

RecySmart Backoffice by Metakitrina