HbbTV Service for TV3

Conceptualization of the new HbbTV Service for TV3

TV3, the public Catalan television based in Barcelona is known for being a pioneer in implementing new services and up-to-date technologies to compete with private broadcasters. That's why in 2016 I facilitated a Design Sprint Week, to rethink the concept of the HbbTV to make the service easier to navigate with the remote, share and communicate user's preferences among devices and provide a frictionless experience.

Challenge & Outcome of HbbTV project - by metakitrina.fun
Sprint Goal for HbbTV by metakitirna
Sprint Goal

We started with our long-term goal: Give the best editorial content to our users in an easy way, with a new interface more attractive and intuitive. Engaging them to keep using our services and become loyal consumers of all our apps and services.

1. How can we make the service easier to navigate with the TV Remote and communicate with the rest of our apps and website?

2. How can we make the users come back to consume our VOD, and became addicted to our service?

The importance of good research

One of the key factors for a successful Design Sprint is definitely bring your homework done. The Sprint Week will be fun, but also stressful, you will bring lots of different points of view into the room, and that's the magic of it. But in order to not lose the focus you need to do a pre-sprint preparation, collecting all data that you can, so when discussions appear among Sprint Stakeholders, you will have the data in hand to help the team move forward.

Design sprint hbbtv by metakitirna
TV Remote for the prototype by Metakitrina
A Challenging prototype

Prototyping a TV service was not easy. We are used to prototype websites, and mobile apps every day. But when we had to simulate the TV remote and all the behavior of the TV just in one day, we really had to squeeze with our minds!

Finally, I found a DIY solution, with a numeric pad (in which I changed the numbers for “tv remote keys”), and thanks to Axure variables, we managed to build a really decent “TV” remote! ^^